Well, here goes.

First off let me say that I am NOT a writer as far as the rules for writing goes.  I just decided that I needed some place to dump random thoughts, opinions, ideas, and those things that annoy or piss me off.  Some times I may have a lot of things to say and some times maybe a sentence or two.  I’m not really concerned with any of the stats if folks read, they read.  If not, at least I get stuff out of my head and off my chest.  If I write about people in my life I will obviously use alternate names.

Last night I was thinking about how much things have changes over time.  My Grandparents lived on a farms.  The had chamber pots and outhouses.  Water came from the pump well outside in the yard or a cistern to catch and store rain water, and a trip to the grocery was limited to flour, sugar, coffee, tobacco, and fabric.  They raised and grew their own food.  The first bit of technology they got was indoor plumbing:  a sink and a toilet.  By the time my parents were born in 1940 and 1941, well we all know what technology was around, however, electricity still hadn’t made it to the farm lands so many things were will done by hand:  laundry; sheets and quilts included.  Grandpa still milked the cows by hand, but had to drive the milk to town so it would spoil.  I guess by now we all know the story.  What I find so incredibly here is that between our Grandparents (some of whom are still living) and our children (depending on your age) technology has taken its largest leap in all of history.

In my life, technology has changed more than I can comprehend at times.  I am 50 years old.  When I started college at age 23 (yes, I took a few pit stops in life), I was hand writing papers for classes and writing A, B, or C for multiple choice questions on tests.  By the time I graduated with my degree 4 years later (no pit stops), I was using a computer for papers and scan tron sheets for tests.  Granted the computer could only serve as a word processor, but it was better than the alternative. My children will never know the joys of the IBM Selectric type writer.  My children will never know black and white TV.  They will never have heard music off a glass record, or even a vinyl record for that matter.  The joys of 8-track tapes and cassette players are also lost to them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love todays technology!  I love that my computer and my music are just as portable as I am.

What I miss most about the “olden” days is the unadulterated food.  Did you know that red meat isn’t supposed to be red?  It is more of a rust color.  We talk about red meat, so the grocery stores treat their meat with nitrates to make it look red, but the lights in the case changes the color back to rust and people then think it is bad meat.  I really miss raw milk.  It is illegal to sell now.  We used to buy it from a dairy farmer down the road for $0.75 a gallon (the cents symbol is gone from my keyboard!!).  The things we did with that gallon of raw milk:  we made our own butter and our own whipping cream, since the “heavy” cream floated to the top of the gallon jar.  We butchered our own meat, and thanks to Grandma NOTHING went to waste.  She used it all, even the blood and intestines.  We also butchered our own chickens, ducks, and geese.  To sum all this up,  we knew exactly what was put into the food we put into our bodies.  My children will never know that.  They will never know the true taste of real food.  That makes me very sad.

So, what are my thoughts and feeling on technology?  Technology has its qualities.  Due to medical research people are living longer.  Thanks to computer technology families spread across the globe can communicate almost as if they were in the same community.  Technology also has its downfalls.  Thanks to computer technology people living in the same house no longer have to see each other.  I don’t know where exactly technology will take the human race, but some how some of the current apocalyptic TV shows and theatrical movies aren’t to far off base.  That, too, makes me very sad.

First Ever Blog Post

As an unemployed woman I have a lot of time to think about stuff:  Nothing in specific and every thing in general.  One thing I have been focused on are the differences that have occurred in the last 100 years.  Ya, I know that sounds like a lot of time (and it is), but in the grand scheme of things I consider it to be a short period of time.